Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita
Call Our 24 Help Line(800) 367-8336
Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita
Call Our 24 Help Line(800) 367-8336
Since 1997

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

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Founded by Rehab Recovery Expert Cary Quashen

Santa Clarita Valley's Cary Quashen has dedicated his life to reaching troubled teens and dysfunctional families with the objective of passing his wisdom and expertise to those who need him the most. Cary has achieved continuous sobriety one day at a time since December 25 of 1980. Cary is readily accesbile to families in need at Action Drug Rehabs headquarters of Soledad canyon road in the SCV.

Action Family Counseling  CEO with patients

Cary has become a nationally recognized expert working with adults and adolescents struggling with addiction to drugs & alcohol, substance usage issues, and related mental health issues. Cary actively works with our treatment team on a daily basis out of SCV. Cary Quashen the CEO of Action Family Counseling.

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Cary has become a nationally recognized expert working with adults and adolescents struggling with addiction to drugs & alcohol, substance usage issues, and related mental health issues. Cary actively works with our treatment team on a daily basis out of SCV. Cary Quashen the CEO of Action Family Counseling.

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Funded by Private Insurance.
Funded by Private Insurance.
In-Network with Most Health Plans.
In-Network with Most Health Plans.
Discounted Rates = Accessibility
Discounted Rates = Accessibility
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Who do we help?

We help people who abuse alcohol, drugs, or both. We understand that the approach to treatment for all drugs is the same, although each drug offers unique challenges.

We also help people who are dually-diagnosed, meaning that they have both a mental health issue, or issues, in addition to drug and or alcohol abuse.

We help both adolescents, and adults. Our Intensive Outpatient is a 3 month long program. Our Rehab Treatment Centers provide care around the clock for a length of time determined individually for each of our clients. Our Partial Day Treatment takes place on an outpatient basis.

Progressive Levels of Care for a Progressive Disease

Some people need to be admitted into our residential right away, immediately after they first call our admissions team. Others may be able to counter their disease symptoms and develop a solid foundation for recovery at our outpatient facilities.

Other people may first attend our outpatient program, and be easily stepped up into our higher level of care if need be. Certain people may also be partial day treatment treatment at one of our inpatient addiction treatment centers.

The level of care is dependent on the needs of an individual. Upon calling our admissions team, the initial assessment will determine the level of care needed to match the symptoms of one's abuse.

Insurance Covers up to 100% of Costs

We have unique in-network contracts with nearly all major insurance providers. Our contracts make the payment process not only affordable, but transparent throughout the entire process.

Our team will be in constant communication with your insurance provider throughout the process of treatment. Depending on the individual insurance plan, treatment will be covered at varying percentages of total costs. Some plans cover up to 100% of the costs of treatment.

If you would like to learn more about treatment at Action, you can do so. If you're ready to get on the phone with a member of our admissions team, you can contact our Admissions Team.

About Action's Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program

If you are reading this now, you have come to the right place. We can help. You are not alone.
For anybody that understands the horror of drug addiction or the seeming darkness of mental health challenges, we encourage you to seek help. You do not have to do it alone. We, at Action Family Counseling, based out of Santa Clarita Valley have decades of experience helping people from all walks of life who suffer from addiction or co-occurring mental health challenges. Please continue reading and make the phone call. Our Admissions Team is available to help people get into treatment fast 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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Joint Commission Accreditation  in Santa Clarita CA

Joint Commission Accreditation

Action has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by the prestigious Joint Commission.

Action Family Counseling est. 1997

est. 1997

With 20 years in business, we've learned a lot. As a result of a constantly evolving program, we set the standard in drug and alcohol rehab treatment.

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Rated as one of the top drug and alcohol treatment programs in California. Over 60 great rehab reviews!

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Cary Quashen

Cary Quashen

Our Founder is a nationally recognized expert in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Find Cary at Action's SCV HQ office.

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Locations in Santa Clarita, Ventura County, Headquarters in SCV.

In-Network Insurance Contracts

Basically, you're in or you're out, and we're in. We've already
negotiated rates with major health plans.

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Dave L.

They saved my life!! Great staff and a great program that works for both alcoholics and addicts!

Patricia P.

Action saved my life. Seven years sober and could not have made it without the counseling and information that I received.

Annaleah T.

Best thing my mom ever did for me. I ended up going back again for personal self and mental state it's amazing I am pretty bummed that since I am no longer a minor I cannot go back to the ranch the teen house but it was amazing and it really changed me. The counselors really changed my life. I love action family counseling

Brad W.

Absolutely exceptional, life transforming program!

Mark R.

A wonderful,life saving,family restoring group of facilities. Only made possible by the president,ceo,owner,opperator, or whatever title you go by.. KERRY! ! I thank you for all that you have done for my entire family! ! Much Love. The Reynolds.

Cynthia R.

Years ago, I was a single parent raising 2 teenage girls. My household was out of control. Both my girls were "cutters" along with alcohol abuse, ditching school and other issues that I was not aware of. Many nights I sat in Action meetings with a box of tissues, then something clicked. I had opened an honest dialog with my girls. In all honesty, I truly was not ready to hear what they had to say and I was forced to deal with the TRUE issues behind their behavior. It was not easy, and it took more than just meetings. I am forever grateful for Cary Quashen and Action. It took years, but I have my family back, and that is PRICELESS!

Leslye S.

Action helped me to build a strong foundation to keep aware of my strengths and my commitment to a healthier spiritual path

Lori L.

Back in January 12, 2010 my daughter called me and told me I was going to detox. She said I had just called her. I didn't believe that I drug dialed her. She said I was going and that I was going today. I had just had a medical procedure under anesthesia that morning and wasn't feeling good at all. I was pretty mad to be forced to go. Detox was a nightmare and there was nothing to do. Just watch tv and sleep. They kept telling me I could go home after 3 days, that didn't happen. (.......) If you're looking for a good treatment center Action is the best place you can go. If I knew someone who needed to go I would bring them there. I am now 4 years clean and sober. This is a lifetime commitment. But the reward is you get your life back, better than it ever was before.

April M

Years ago when I was younger Carey and his staff helped me get out of a bad situation. And get right with myself and my family. Then years later when my daughter was making bad choices I called Carey and he gave me great advice and the tough love worked miracles. My daughter is a college graduate and doing great! Thank-You, Carey and Staff

Tina G.

My family and I are extremely grateful to Cary and his staff for coming to our daughter's rescue. About ten years ago my husband called upon Cary (in the middle of night) for help with our child. Cary came to our house and after discussion put her into treatment. We honestly believe that this saved our daughter's life. The staff at Action gave their all into our daughter's treatment! We owe Cary and Action all that we have! Our entire family (and our daughter ) is beyond grateful!

Angel S.

I have had the pleasure of working at Action family counseling going on 15 years now.... it is the best company that I've ever worked for! I love my supervisors.... I love the owner of the company (Cary Quashen)...... they work hard each and everyday to ensure that Action is the best program it can possibly be! My job is such a blessing... I get to go to work each and every day and help people.... what could be more amazing than that!?! It is an extreme honor to work with these families and help them and their families get better and become successful in recovery and all other areas of their lives too!!! Such a gift! Feeling blessed! Angelique ShirvanianThis place is amazing and taught me a lot. Great place to get treatment! :)

Allison R.

This place is amazing and taught me a lot. Great place to get treatment! :)

Derek S.

If it wasn't for Action reaching out and Carey putting out his hand, I wouldn't have gone into rehab, IOP, and I definitely wouldn't have 27 months clean and sober. Thank you to Carey and everything Action does. They saved my life, truly.

Vanessa B.

Thank you Cary Quashen and friends at Action for helping my sons birth mother get her life back. Without you, my son would not have been born the healthy beautiful boy he is today. My son is 2 years old today and he is perfect and thriving! #forevergrateful

Elle D.

Words can't express how thankful and appreciative I am for Cary Quashen and his wonderful organization of caring individuals. I highly recommend Action Family Counseling to families of teens in crisis! They can help and they really do care!

Lorna M.

I was in one of the first treatment center in North Hollywood. When there was a program called Tough Love on Thursday night! It helped me to change my life, I now am changing lives! Oh and Cary Q was the best and is still the best! Keep up the awesome work!

Fabian T.

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for Action and be able to give back and turn my negatives into positives!! Breaking the cycle of violence and addiction in my own life has allowed me to help guide others in doing the same, and for that I am very blessed!!

Amanda M.

Thank you Cary Quashen for letting me be one of the ones you have helped! It took more than once but I eventually got it! And if it weren't for your help I wouldn't have the beautiful family I do today! We have 2 beautiful boys and I'm able to be present in there lives and be able to watch them grow up and enjoy every moment! It truly is amazing! 4 years off heorin this month! And I never thought I'd live to see this day! So thank you! (:

Elaine G.

I am so grateful for you guys!!! I was addicted to spice the synthetic weed. The counselors and rehab in Bakersfield CA helped me out so much!!! I got my life back. Many people don't know the harm of spice and how addicting it can be. Thank you lots.

Haley S.

Action family counseling saved my life almost 20 years ago. Cary is one of the most awesome men I have ever meet..

Vahid T.

If it wasn't for Action family counseling I would not have over twenty months clean. I can honestly say that if it was not for this program, the tools that I gained and an introduction to a fellowship I would most likely be dead. With this being said I will say with utmost conviction that Action literally saved my life. Staff are wonderful and genuinely empathetic to the needs of those struggling with addiction.

Colin K.

This place is great. I had a very wonderful experience as both a patient and an employee later on. All the facilities were very clean an professional. The staff is wonderful and we'll trained. Also the food is fantastic all the facilities have highly trained chefs.

Brett S.

Action Family Counseling is great! I attended the intensive out patient or (IOP) at 18 years old. Action helped plant the seed of sobriety in my life and because of that, I have been clean and sober for almost 6 years now!!

Shawn S.

Work at the Bakersfield and the ranch facility. Action gave me the opportunity to work there after I took my first year clean great experience on giving back to others. Great environment with the staff and patients. Thank you action !!!

Scott Q.

I have had the pleasure of working for Action for several years now. Action is a wonderful company ran by people who sincerely care about helping others.