Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita
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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita
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About The Program

Throughout the individually determined length of stay that you or your loved one spends at our RTC program, we not only assure that you achieve supervised time abstinent from mind-altering substances, but we'll give you or your loved one the tools needed for a lifetime of sobriety.
You and your loved one can expect to work with some of the brightest minds and leading experts in the field as we hand pick all of our staff from a pool of qualified candidates. Since we value our people as our number one asset, each member of our Treatment Team is interviewed by the Director of the Program, as well as our Founder, Cary Quashen, before joining our respected team.

Marriage and Family Therapist  in Santa Clarita CA

Both of our Adult Rehabs are governed by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), the Program Director. The Program Director supervises all aspects of treatment, and is reported to by our staff of certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and Registered Recovery Workers. Our team is developed with diversity in mind and is composed of individuals of various backgrounds, providing us with the ability to better treat a multi-cultural, and dual-diagnosed clientele.

Piru House

Adult Residential Treatment Center

Adults 18+

  • Men and Women
  • Program length determined individually
  • 30 Day Program
  • In-network insurance contracts
  • Ventura, California
Adult Residential Treatment Center in Santa Clarita CA

Admission Process

Upon admission to our residential facilities, you or your loved one will be assessed by our clinical Treatment Team—the first step towards creating a personalized treatment program geared towards addressing the specific needs of each individual. Our team understands that each client is an individual, although it's common that people struggling with addiction and co-occuring disorders have many similarities among one another, regardless of differences such as ethnicity, social status, and even drug or drugs of choice. At the end of the day, we are fighting the same battle: to learn how to live with the disease of addiction, and then to put into action the tools learned to live a healthy, happy, and sober life.

The Admission Process continues on as our team introduces you or your loved one to the rest of the group, with a warm Welcome Group. We understand that everything is going to be a little scary. We understand our facility is not going to feel like home in the first 5 minutes. So, we've developed a process to make this a little less scary. Our Welcome Group is a simple and subtle yet wonderful and easy way to break the ice with group treatment in general and to establish relationships with peers and our Treatment Team members.

We emphasize the importance of the group setting because we know that it's nearly impossible, and at times even dangerous to tackle drug or alcohol addiction alone. After introductions take place, the next step of the admission process is to introduce you or your loved one to their first Group: a simple Welcome Group addressing broad aspects of addiction, and the philosophies and principles that Action's team emphasizes to teach you or your loved one to live a healthy life after prolonged abuse of a substance.

Assimilation Into Action's Program

Upon completion of the Admission Process, and when you or your loved one is medically, and mentally prepared, our staff assimilate you or your loved one into our program. Shortly after 6:30 wake-up rounds are made, and breakfast is prepared by our chef, the group participates in our Morning Meditation Group—a healthy and productive start to the day. After the morning group is completed, time is allocated for supervised reflection, and clients are encouraged to write in their journals, and work towards completing assignments issued by our Treatment Team.

The morning continues on with another group, followed by a lunch shared between the house—prepared by one of our chefs. On Saturday, the schedule is slightly altered because we host a Multi-Family Group, where the immediate family of our clients are encouraged to come to our facility to participate in a large group setting where family issues are addressed. This is a very powerful group in which we encourage a high level of participation from the family.

After group, eligible clients are allowed to go on "Pass," with approved members of their family. We encourage families to take their loved one for a picnic, or to their favorite sushi restaurants for what usually turns into a quite nice afternoon.

Throughout the day on Saturday, and throughout the week for those whose families are unable to attend on the weekend, families and their enrolled loved one joins the Program's Marriage and Family Therapist for a session, in which any and all family issues, disputes, and goals are addressed.

On Sundays, the Program is also slightly different around these hours because our team members will take you or your loved one out for a day in the town with a focus on re-assimilation into the community. These supervised trips are fun, to say the least. We do everything from taking the group to the beach, to going to catch the hottest new films on the I-Max screen as they come out in theaters. We value our Sunday Outings because it's invaluable that you or your loved one learn how to have fun in sobriety.

Effective Use of Group Treatment

As the day progresses, there's an after lunch group with our Program's Counselor. This group is again followed by supervised quiet reflection, and time is allocated to journal. This group is followed by an hour of physical activity. Several days out of the week the group is taken to local gyms for supervised exercise, and the group is allowed access to the gym's weight room. On days that we don't go to the gym, clients are invited to take walks or hikes with our team around the beautiful areas in which our RTC programs are located.

When we get back from the gym or a nice walk, a balanced and delicious dinner is prepared by our Chef. Our balanced meals are served buffet style, but portions and nutritional breakdowns will be monitored by our team if an individuals Treatment Plan warrants this service. Our chef is prepared to accommodate any nutritional needs, including vegetarian or vegan diets.

After dinner, you or your loved one will be privileged with 10 minutes of supervised phone time to call approved contacts such as family members and their Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. Our Treatment Team members are on standby to help clients talk through any issues that arise, and to intervene if necessary.

12-Step Emphasis

Next on the agenda is to emphasize the 12-step approach to sobriety. Each night we take the entire group to a wide variety of outside AA meetings, or NA meetings. As we attend NA or AA meetings 7 days a week, our team will help you or your loved one to network with positive role models at meetings. We encourage you or your loved one to acquire a sponsor of you/ or their choice at a meeting, and contact that sponsor on a daily basis throughout your/ or their stay at our centers, and after your/ or their stay is completed, as part of each persons aftercare program.

When we get back to the RTC location another group is hosted by members of our team: Wrap Up Group. In this group, we have some fun while setting goals, and addressing goals previously set. After this group, we allow you or your loved one to spend some recreational time; time which is usually spent joking and having fun with the group members and Treatment Team members on the patio. When 10:30 rolls around, you or your loved one will be asked to settle in for the night in your/ or their assigned room.

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