Intensive Treatment with a Clinical Focus 9-2 PM

Action Family Counseling’s Partial rehab program takes place from 9-2 PM five days a week. The program is designed to serve adult men and women with substance abuse, co-occurring diagnoses and mental health related issues. The program is for people in need of intensive treatment to maintain abstinence from chemical dependency and to achieve stabilization from your/ or their mental illness.

The Program requires that you or your loved one check into our facility at 9 in the morning, and check out at 2 in the afternoon, for 5 days per week. The Partial program curriculum includes relapse prevention, cognitive restructuring, goal setting/ focus groups, individual and family therapy, and multi-family group session.

Program Specifications

Some features of the Action Family Counseling's Partial Outpatient Treatment include:

  • Therapeutic services geared to each client's specific needs
  • Personalized Treatment Plan upon admission
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Dynamic Multi-Family Group sessions to accommodate busy work schedules

Our trained staff of specialists will work with you or your loved one's addiction and co-occurring disorders with an emphasis on attending NA/AA meetings 7 days a week. We'll encourage you or your loved one to acquire a sponsor of their choice from a 12-step meeting, and contact that sponsor on a daily basis throughout their stay at our centers, and as part of your/ or their aftercare program.

We give each person the tools needed for a lifetime of sobriety. You can expect to work with some of the brightest minds and leading experts in the field as we hand pick all of our staff from a pool of qualified candidates. Each member of our treatment team is interviewed by the Director of the Program, as well as our Founder, Cary Quashen. ​

Each of our centers is governed by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), the Program Director. The Program Director supervises all aspects of treatment, and is reported to by our staff of certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors, and Registered Recovery Workers.

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