About Action Family Foundation

The Action not-for-profit has been helping to bring struggling families back together for the last 20 years. 

Many families find themselves in “stormy” situations when their adolescent goes through the difficult period of development. These crises are often accompanied by rebellion, drug and alcohol abuse and dependency, poor communication, low self-esteem, disrespect for authority, lack of motivation, academic problems, and conflicts associated with divorce, death, peer pressure, and the stress and strains associated with living in today’s society. Learn more at www.actionfamily.org.

The Action Family Foundation hosts several weekly Parent and Teen support groups. These groups are a gathering of concerned parents who meet to offer each other support and practical solutions to problems. A parent who has been trained as an Action group facilitator, who has experienced just how tough it is to raise a teenager in this day and age, leads each group. And best of all Action attendance is free of charge.

Because of our own experience in dealing with teen problems, we are able to understand and offer suggestions that are effective. We know that you want the best for your family and we realize how important your family is to you. We also understand that trying to face these problems alone can be overwhelming and frightening at times. Action offers a safe place to talk, cry, laugh, and to discuss your teen’s behavior with others who can offer practical solutions that work.​

While parents are meeting, teens attend an Action teen group meeting. Growing up in today’s world and making the wrong choices can sometimes be deadly. Teens are faced with pressures and decisions that can be confusing and frustrating at best. The teen group is lead by trained, licensed and certified counselors who are experienced in working with young people. Action offers a place for teens to learn positive behaviors that will work for them. They learn skills to promote healthier and happier lifestyles. Remember there are “no” bad kids, however there are kids who “make” bad choices.​

​The Action Parent & Teen Support program is a non-profit program, which supports groups of concerned parents who meet to offer each other support and practical solutions to problems. In addition to the weekly support groups, Action provides individual and family counseling for children, adolescents and adults on a sliding fee scale; low-cost drug testing, immediate inpatient and outpatient referrals; crisis intervention, and an emergency crisis.