Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

Helping Addicts Find A Path Towards A Brighter Future

Action Drug Rehab in Santa Clarita is dedicated to helping addicts find a path towards a brighter future, but the fentanyl epidemic has claimed so many lives in recent years.

Founder of Action Drug Rehab in Santa Clarita, Cary Quashen speaks on the recent fentanyl epidemic on the KHTS Special Broadcast with  KHTS co-news director Jade Aubuchon.

Fentanyl has risen on the death tolls, claiming the lives of drug users all over the country. Santa Clarita is no exception to this report. In recent reports, fentanyl has claimed almost 30 lives in this city.

The drugs’ most recent victim, 35 year old Saugus resident Brandon, overdosed tragically and died due to fentanyl poisoning.

According to Quashen 6 out of 10 drug pills out there contain a deadly portion of fentanyl, killing so many children.

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Fentanyl has plagued the community and it is absolutely crazy how people do not seem to notice they are playing russian roulette with their lives. This is the kind of thing that people read about and think it will never happen to them, but their wrong.

Anyone and everyone can be exposed to deadly amounts of fentanyl poisoning, its a matter of when not if you will be the next statistic in a headline.

Carey Quashen says with the holiday season approaching, the suicide rates don’t tend to rise, it is after the holiday season when they sky rocket.

People have expectations for the holidays and when those expectations aren’t met, they tend to end their life as a result.

Action Drug Rehab also gets a lot of people who want to get sober as their New Year’s resolution, and they are happy to welcome them with open arms as they enter their journey to sobriety.

Quashan says the message he wants to get to the parents is not just that fentanyl is bad, but that all drugs are bad, and they should stay away from anything that could potentially kill them.

Fentanyl has killed so many young adults and teens, so don’t become the next statistic and seek help at Action Drug Rehab if you are an addict looking for help.