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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

The Rise Of The Dangerous & Deadly Fentanyl

Cary Quashen, Captain Justin Diaz and Robbie Robinson discuss the rise of fentanyl on KHTS Radio.

Cary Quashen and Captain Justin Diaz immediately come forward with the news they are finding marijuana to be laced with fentanyl. They are finding this by discovering it in drug tests. This furthers Cary Quashen’s point in which there really are no safe drugs out there.

“If you do not get it from a legitimate dispensary who knows what the heck is in that stuff. If you do not get pills from a legitimate pharmacy, you are playing with fire,” Cary Quashen says.

Cary also talks about how he has put many people in psych wards just from the consumption of THC. People are smoking, vaping and consuming marijuana in much higher THC concentrate forms than ever before. Cary says that THC level in a joint used to be .03 milligrams, and it is now up to 30 milligrams. Many oils and edibles even claim to contain up to 100% THC levels. It has turned into a psychedelic.

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Captain Justin Diaz of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station then discusses their juvenile team for children and how they are keeping children safe from drugs. This juvenile team consists of a sergeant, one detective, two deputies, sheriff general, K-9 deputy and civilian intervention specialist.

“Really what our j-team is doing is two parts. On one side they are working with our school deputies and on the other side they are working with our narcotics bureau. Their mission is intervention and enforcement,” Captain Justin Diaz says.

Captain Justin Diaz discusses resources for children who need something to do so they can stay out of trouble. Diaz mentions the Boys and Girls Club located in Newhall, Canyon Country and Castaic. If your child is not interested in that, there are many sports clubs, city programs and juvenile programs for your child to go to directly after school.

Carey Quashen says to find something to occupy your child after school so they are not alone out there.

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