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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

Importance Of Disciplined Parenting And Being Respected By Their Kids

Action Drug Rehab is a rehab treatment center in Santa Clarita focused on helping parents and defiant teens build a stronger bond to help them find professional help before addiction destroys them.

Action Drug Rehab Hour in Santa Clarita is hosted by Cary Quashen every week, and for this week’s show, he has brought on a guest, Robby Robinson.

Robinson was a former probation officer and now works as an intervention specialist with the sheriff’s station in Santa Clarita to help troubled teens and their parents before it get worse and their kid gets sent to juvey.

Robinson and Quashen talk about the importance of disciplined parenting and being respected by their kids instead of just trying to be their friend.

The first component to good parenting is love, the next enabling discipline. Without discipline and too much love, kids think they can get away with anything, so they push until they eventually break the law and end up in serious trouble.

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But, it is important to not just be discipline focused and have a loving home or else the kid is going to rebel and grow up to resent their parents.

The third component is structure. Structure helps kids feel safe especially when they are involved in dysfunctional life involved with gangs or drugs.

The fourth component is support. With all these components, they all must be equally established, because too much of one thing can only lead to a bad thing.

Robinson and Quashen make a shift to how easy access to technology has affected kids.

Quahsen says parents need to spend more time with their kids, because their role models are celebrities behind a screen getting arrested for drunk driving, domestic violence and kids no longer have heroes.

Robinson says to the parents in audience, “I challenge you to be the hero your child wants to grow up and be”

Robinson says when structure is broken down, that’s when they look to drugs and gangs. Quashen agrees saying if a kid is missing one of those four components, they’re gonna look for it outside of home.

Quashen says the reason people join gangs is because they feel like a family unit. Robinson adds that though they may feel like this, it’s life or death in a gang, putting any child’s life in danger when they join.

Quashen talks about the greater exposure to drugs that cities such as Santa Clarita, who have money and are family based.

Action Drug Rehab was built to help young teens in Santa Clarita overcome their addiction and live a safer, healthier life.