Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

The Road To Sobriety Is Never An Easy, Linear Ride

Our programs at Action Drug Rehab will leave you feeling heard and uplifted every step of your journey to living an addiction-free lifestyle.

We encourage you to seek help as you face the medical and mental challenges addiction entails. Action’s leader, Cary Quashen has been living a healthy, sober life since December 25th of 1980.

Every day is a step in the sobriety process.

We offer programs with 3 levels of care: outpatient, residential, and a hybrid of inpatient and outpatient.

The level of care depends on the needs of the individual.

Upon calling us, assessment will determine which level of care is best for you or your loved one. Remember, you are not alone in this. We have helped people of many walks of life with their addictions or co-occurring mental challenges throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and Ventura area.

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Did you know about our recovery ranch?

Located up Bouquet Canyon, “The Ranch” is 20 acres of land dedicated to our recovery patients that prefer a group setting with beautiful landscapes. Our ranch consists of 18 beds, a pool, a ping pong table, and many planned events.

A gym is also being added!

We have 2 of our senior rehab managers on the property with more than 10 years of experience managing rehab living centers on site. Our program is designed to increase the chances of success in recovery as patients step down from rehab into our outpatient program. Our sober living has strict, reasonable rules to follow on the property.

Long-Term Sobriety

Those that follow our rules will have a better chance at obtaining sobriety long term.

Those who sign up for sober living must be ready to step out of their comfort zones and integrate back into their community. Our program focuses on sobriety, success, happiness, and the reintroduction back into the community.

We can also help you or your loved one get back into school and help with job resumes. Jobs are encouraged at first, but become mandatory over time.

It’s important to remember that you do not have to fight this fight alone.

Your feelings are incredibly valid and we are more than ready to help you take your life back-the sober way.

For more information, please visit or call our 24-hour line at (800)367-8336.