Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

Action Drug Rehab Is The Santa Clarita Rehab Center For Those Who Struggle With Addiction

Action Drug Rehab will help you if the goal is overcoming a struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, which includes prescription drugs and opioids.

In Santa Clarita, the team at Action Drug Rehab will help you or a loved one to overcome a fight with addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other drugs.

“I’ve been fighting drug abuse right now, and doing treatment, for almost 40 freaking years!” said Action Drug Rehab founder Cary Quashen. “But in the last ten years, I’ve actually just watched opiates explode.”

Quashen spoke on-air on KHTS’s Action Drug Rehab Hour about his experiences with addictions, the Opioid Epidemic, and more alongside his guests Jaime Puerta and Christal Anzalone.

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Puerta and Anzalone both have extensive knowledge of the field of substance abuse, due in part to their sons dying of overdoses of fentanyl.

Quashen is a recognized expert in the substance abuse field, and he is eager to start helping anyone who needs it.

Action Drug Rehab, as a Santa Clarita drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, also maintains other locations in Ventura County and Bakersfield.

If you or a loved one is falling into addictive habits, this Santa Clarita addiction center has inpatient and outpatient programs for different needs.

For more information on this Santa Clarita drug rehabilitation center, click here. They are found at 22722 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.