Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

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Now accepting MEDI-CAL for Adolescent and Adult IOP programs in Santa Clarita.

Action Drug Rehab Can Help You Or A Loved One To Fight Addiction Struggles

Drug and alcohol addictions are difficult things to witness, and Action Drug Rehab wants to step in to make it go away.

Action Drug Rehab is here to ensure that you get help if you need help, specifically with drug or alcohol addictions.

“Founded by Cary Quashen in 1997, Action specializes in treating those suffering from addiction to all drugs, including alcohol,” their website reads. “We offer three levels of care: Residential, Outpatient, and Partial, which is a hybrid of inpatient and outpatient care.”

Action Drug Rehab founder Cary Quashen spoke with KHTS live on-air about different peoples’ struggles with addiction.

“It was way different,” Quashen said about previous years helping people with addictions. “It was ‘Hey get clean’…today it’s ‘get clean or die!’”

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Fentanyl is one of the worst elements of modern day drug addiction, according to Quashen, which is causing a number of present day overdoses.

Drug Addiction & Rehab

“The worst part about where we’re at today is every drug that our children are using today is physically and emotionally addictive,” Quashen said.

Quashen discussed how common it is to find fentanyl laced in many drugs taken by addicts in today’s world in comparison with previous years.

If you know someone who may be in danger, now is the time to contact Action Drug Rehab for help struggling with addiction.

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To visit the center, they can be found at 22722 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.