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Batman goes to rehab. He inspires those in need of drug and alcohol

Batman goes to rehab. He inspires those in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment to get help.
Yesterday, Ben Affleck released a Facebook post which inspired people to get help for their addiction. He assured people who need help, that there shouldn’t be any shame in getting help. He showed the world that even super heroes are not immune to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol… but that even they can lose their ability to consume in moderation.


A superhero is the kind of person that stands above all stigma. A superhero is a person that will do anything to succeed… they can’t be stopped. When Batman fell victim to alcohol addiction, he knew that he was no match to that kind of power. Batman did what any real superhero would do. He needed to talk to his mentor. He called Alfred. Alfred could hear the helplessness in the hero’s voice. Alfred sat Batman down, and served him a warm coffee. Alfred got to work.

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Alfred learned quickly that this battle needed to be fought immediately. It wasn’t something that could wait. If they didn’t face it right away, Alfred knew that Batman could loose everything that is close to his heart, especially his family. Alfred called an alcohol addiction hotline, and spoke with a friendly young lady. The lady behind the phone told him that everything was going to be okay, and that people just like Batman get help every single day.

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She assured him that although addiction is deadly, people win the battle every day. People get sober, they get their lives in order and they earn their families trust back. It’s a constant process, a continuous fight, and it takes dedication to survive. Alfred told Batman to pack a suitcase with clothes and hygiene products for the next few weeks.

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When they got to their destination, they met with the treatment team and began the initial admission process. The team members understood the struggle that he was going through. Nonetheless, they made sure that he received all of the help and attention that he needed, and that he was comfortable.

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After checking in, and saying goodbye to Alfred, Batman said hello to his new friends, and began his battle. After about a month of inpatient treatment, Batman would reenter the world as a newcomer to sobriety with some time away from drugs and alcohol.

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Batman Costume Drug and Alcohol TreatmentBatman Costume Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When Batman knew that he couldn’t win his battle of addiction…He got help. He thought about his family, he couldn’t imagine the world without them. He did whatever needed to be done to win the battle, and that was going to rehab.

Ben Affleck On Why He Went To Rehab: ‘I Want to Be the Best Father I Can Be’ from Scary Mommy.

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Batman Poster drug and alcohol addiction treatmentBatman Poster drug and alcohol addiction treatment

“I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction; something I’ve dealt with in the past and will continue to confront.” Ben Affleck

Thank you Ben Affleck for showing us that it doesn’t take a mask or super powers to be a real superhero!